Business Inquiry

We are skilled in local market research, PR & marketing, coordination, tours and writing. These are steps of achieving your goals to bring your business to new markets.


Research can tell you what market wants and how people react, given that we actively collect and analyse information on this topic. Whether it is a strength that you can make use of, or a weakness that you have to overcome, you need to be sure how your business succeeds in the new market.

PR & Marketing

We do marketing based on the data collected from market research and aim in not just selling products but creating a viable system that helps set foot in the market for times to come.


We help with coordination coming into new market but also doing business inspection inside Estonia.


From business tours to big groups or just getting to know Estonian business scene as an explorer, we help set up the meetings and bring the essential contacts to you, personally.


We write articles about Estonia based on our experience and research in Estonia. Find out what we have written here.


We support people who love Japan and want to work in Japan!
Opportunities range from the IT industry to the succession of traditional technologies
Please contact us for occupational details.

Buyer Service

We will research products in local Estonia on request, including food and general merchandise. We will also support you in identifying the value of those products and supporting your expansion into Japan.