Connect Japanese young enthusiasts for new experiences in Estonia through Next innovation or local companies.

What we do

Internship at Next innovation

  • we always welcome enthusiasts to be a part of our team
  • love Estonia, love Japan, and be passionate about what you do
  • be curious and open minded to learn new things
  • you will get a chance to work for both Estonia and Japan

Internship at a local company
if you want to come to Estonia and work for a specific company or industry, and if you do not know where to start from, we can help you.

  • if you are Japanese who:
    • has a great motivation for working in Estonia
    • can, on a professional level, contribute to the company you wish to work for
    • has good English communication skill
    • then we can promise your experince here in Estonia would be nothing but priceless experience
    • if you are skilled enough, we can also offer you an employment opportunity

How we do

We try to help everyone that is interested of internship in Estonia but we do keep in mind the need based values of the local market.

Why we do

Exchanging knowledge and skill is important to learn shapes of our future and we offer internship to Japanese for the sheer reason that we know the easiest way to learn what Estonia really is.