Supporting people-to-people, culture-to-culture, and community-to-community exchanges between Estonia and Japan, and envisioning the future together.

The possibilities for what can be done between countries are almost endless.

Among them, the history of the world has been made as people and cultures have intersected to create new changes.

Neither Japan nor Estonia would be what they are today without exchange with other countries. In the same way, there is no future for Japan and Estonia if they do not incorporate from the outside in and disseminate from the inside out.

We believe that Japan can learn from Estonia “the ability to adapt to change, which is essential in an age without answers. Conversely, we believe that Japan can pass on “a unique culture and spirit that has been nurtured over many years.

In addition, there are some aspects that cannot be expressed in words, but that give one a strange sense of closeness that makes the distance between Japan and Estonia seem almost unbearable. This may be because of the similarities in the people’s temperament or the way they deal with nature.

Exchanges between the two countries, which were not even an option until a few decades ago, are now being realized in various forms. The endless possibilities have just begun.

From individual study abroad programs to corporate business ventures, from school partnerships to friendship agreements between regions, we find value in each connection, no matter how large or small, and propose a step toward the future.