Expand interest in and deepen understanding of Japan in Estonia through a lecture program on Japanese culture and the Japanese language.

Japan’s unique culture is of great interest throughout the world, and Estonia is no exception.

Otaku culture, Japanese food, nature, history, traditional arts, and the Japanese people. Many Estonians are studying Japanese language to learn more about Japanese culture and society.

In this context, Next innovation began offering original courses in Japanese culture and Japanese language at Saaremaa High School (Saaremaa Gümnaasium) in Estonia in 2021.

We also provide opportunities for cultural exchange between students who are particularly interested in Japanese culture and Japanese students.

What is important is not only to communicate, but also to create an opportunity for Estonian students to experience, discover, and expand their curiosity about Japan themselves.

Folding origami together, comparing sweets from the two countries, talking about favorite anime, and so on. We have witnessed many small discoveries and encounters that have become great assets for the young people of Estonia, a small country.

On the other hand, it is also an opportunity for us, as Japanese people, to constantly reflect on how we, as Japanese, can pass on our country’s past and think about its future. It is a source of strength to look beyond the connections between people and cultures in “connecting people and cultures,” and a piece of hope to find new learning in “expanding the possibilities of learning.