Support Estonian inspection team in Japan

On this April, with the cooperation of EAS(Enterprise Estonia), five Estonian companies visited Japan to expand their business and their market. They arranged a meeting with some companies relevant to them.

EAS, Enterprise Estonia, is the largest institution to promote business and regional policy in Estonia. It was established in 2000 as a part of programs to support entrepreneurs, and it has received support from the Estonian government. Its long-term goal is to help Estonia become one of the most competitive countries in the world. This time five companies selected carefully in Estonia visited Japan. From start-ups to large companies, and from finance business to service business like hotel management, a wide range of and various companies got the opportunity to visit Japan.

This time we supported the visit of “Salvest AS”, one of the largest food processing companies in Estonia, and we coordinated their whole stay in Japan. We helped them thoroughly by joining the meetings with the Japanese company to interpret the content and to make materials suitable. Accompanying them and supporting almost about everything made their stay in Japan as valuable as possible. In addition to such support, we continue following up even after they went back to Estonia.

Besides this support related to business, we took them to the Diet Building(the house of parliament of Japan), TOKYO SKYTREE(the highest tower in Japan), Yasukuni Shrine(Shinto Shrine, which has significant meaning for Japanese), etc. to foster their knowledge about the culture in Japan. It led not only to deepen the understanding of Japan but also to understand each other, Next innovation OÜ and Salvest AS.

What we took care while their visit was how we could make the meeting between Salvest AS and Japanese companies progress smoothly. Since we have different backgrounds such as language, culture, and the way of thinking, we paid great attention to the contents we told to others. With the great zeal of us and Salvest AS, the project to bring Salvest AS’s excellent products to customers in Japan has begun.


“Connecting businesses and opportunities between Estonia and Japan by bringing together goods, culture, people, and technology”. With such a goal, Next innovation OÜ is trying to take the next step.