The First Estonian Organic Honey is arriving in Japan!

Bear Cubs, the Estonian organic honey, is arriving at LOFT, located in Ginza, the most famous upmarket shopping district in Tokyo. LOFT is one of the best-recognized brands where stationery goods, popular household items, and everyday commodities are sold. Its products are popular among both locals and international visitors who look for unique gifts. And its concept is “Nature, Food, and Beauty” so it stocks plenty of organic products which is becoming popular in Japan recently. This store is where visitors spend much money, and the customer base is a little older than other LOFT stores. It also has good accessibility in Tokyo; only 3-minute walk from Ginza station.

Customers take a look at the colorfully designed packages of “Bear Cubs”; the organic honey selling at the ground floor of Ginza LOFT. On their lids, the colorful bears, a symbol of honey, are drawn. Currently, eight types of such cute honey are available in Japan. It has a wide range of flavors from Cold Pressed Honey with antioxidant effect, to unique flavors in Japan like Linden Honey and Dandelion Honey.

Bear Cubs honey was born in the Estonian Nature Reserve with one of the most beautiful air in the world. Apiaries of Nordic Food Products, which meets strict EU organic regulations, provides the best honey in the Nordic region. Mr. Antero Nesterenko, the founder of Nordic Food Products, wishes people in Japan to taste this highest quality organic honey. In response to his wish, we have achieved arrival in Japan.

We conducted a new SNS marketing for reopening of Ginza LOFT, introducing our products on Instagram(@bearcubsjapan) with photos of abundant nature in Estonia. On Instagram, with the passion of Nordic Food Products, we explained how good each flavor of Bear Cubs is to your health. Besides, we showed attractive ways to consume Bear Cubs, which can lead you to a new discovery for your healthy life.

Many customers have visited Ginza LOFT since its reopening. At a tasting event held recently, a various range of visitors, from families with kids to young couples aged around twenty, tasted the Bear Cubs honey. They left the words such as, “the tastes are quite different depending on flowers from which bees collect honey” and “I’ve never had such texture”.

Because of its richness in variety, Bear Cubs have been attracting many customers of all ages. Also, many people purchase this product as a gift because of its attractive package and healthiness. In such a way, we believe that Bear Cubs honey will reach more and more people in Japan. Since we got a good reputation at this event, we can create various new relationships such as collaborations with other Nordic brands.

With what we truly love, we will connect this first step to our next innovation.